The Valley Agricultural Society is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers each year for its events.

Being a part of the volunteer team is a privilege and a responsibility. There is a huge sense of accomplishment when you work together with others to complete a project, you are signing up to be a part of a team! Also, as an individual, you have the opportunity to make someone’s time at the Manitoba Stampede extra special! Simply by going out of your way to help, or answer questions or lend a hand. As a Volunteer Team, we have the opportunity to show others how amazing it is to work together.

We hope you will consider joining our team!

As a volunteer:

  • you will be asked to work a minimum of 8 hours throughout the event
  • Be required to attend mandatory orientation on Wednesday, July 17, 2024 @ 7:00 pm at the Scratching River Saloon
  • Meet new people within the community and beyond

Please scroll down to see the positions available along with other key volunteering details.

Ticket Booth:

You’ll be selling tickets and handling cash and answering patron questions in this role. The ticket booth is air conditioned and chairs are provided for your comfort. Mental math, handling cash/debit, credit card terminals, and customer service skills are required.

Information Booth:

Help patrons by answering questions. Daily schedules and a map of the grounds along with a list of frequently ask questions will be provided. Knowledge of the event and grounds is an asset for this position.

Grandstand Greeters:

You will be located at one of the 3 entrances to the Main Grandstand. Duties include ensuring that all those that enter have a wristband or pass, helping people find seating and selling programs.  You will be standing or walking for your entire shift. Mental math and customer service skills are required.

Liquor Services:

Bartenders, Bar Backs and Token Sellers are an essential part of the events held on the Manitoba Stampede Grounds.  All volunteers in Liquor Services must have a current Smart Choices certificate and provide the VAS office with a copy.  For a list of duties please see below.

Bartenders: Duties include checking IDs, serving alcohol to patrons in a fast-paced environment, and maintaining the bar space, supplies, and clearing patron’s tables of empty drink containers. You’ll be standing and walking for your entire shift.

Bar Backs:   Duties include keeping the bars stocked with alcohol and mix. You will also be helping the bartenders clear patron’s tables of empty drink containers. This is a fast-paced position at times that’s perfect for those who love being involved.  You’ll be standing and walking for your entire shift, and you must be able to lift at least 20 pounds.

Token Sellers: In this role, you’ll sell tickets for alcoholic beverages. You’ll be at the table for your entire shift, handling cash and checking ID’s. Mental math and customer service skills are required.

Not able to volunteer during the events but would like to help out before and after events? Please contact the VAS office to be notified of work parties on the grounds.

Want to volunteer? Please fill out the form below, and a Committee Head will be in contact with you.

Orientation will cover:

  • Volunteer roles and responsibilities
  • Shift times
  • Review rules
  • What to expect during the event
  • Introduction to committee chairs

After orientation, you will break into groups with your Committee Chairs to get more information and training for your specific role.

If you are absolutely unable to attend the orientation, please contact the VAS Office to coordinate other arrangements.

2024 Volunteer Form