Thoroughbred Chariots/Ben Hur

The Manitoba Thoroughbred Chariot Association (MTCA) brings us Thoroughbred Chariot and Suicide Ben Hur racing every year at the Manitoba Stampede. These Thoroughbreds come from race tracks from across North America. The MTCA started these races with the start of the Manitoba Stampede.

Thoroughbred Chariot Races

Consists of 2 horses per chariot. Each race has either 3 or 4 chariots per event. The races start from a running start and run on a 1/2 mile oval track.

Thoroughbred Ben Hur Races

Consists of 4 horses abreast per chariot. Drivers wear Roman style costumes; and the chariots are also Roman style. Each race has no more than 3 chariots per event because the track width wouldn’t accommodate more. This is definitely a high speed race, and a real crowd pleaser.